Landshare Docs

How to connect to BSC and Buy Landshare Token

In order to invest in real estate on Landshare, you will need both BUSD and LAND Tokens. This page will walk you through the process of connecting to BSC and obtaining these tokens.
Landshare operates on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are unfamiliar with BSC, be sure to check out the guide below:
Once you have connected to Binance Smart Chain and funded your wallet with BNB, you will need to obtain Landshare Tokens and BUSD in order to invest.
Asset Tokens are sold is $50 increments, with 10% being paid in LAND and 90% being paid in BUSD. The minimum investment to obtain a real estate NFT is $250 USD, or 5 Asset Tokens. The price for this purchase would be:
  • $225 BUSD
  • $25 USD worth of LAND
Once you have obtained the appropriate amount of BUSD and LAND, you can begin the process of investing, available on the next page.
NOTE: The Landshare Token is a platform utility and does not represent the value or ownership of any real estate assets. Holding the token does not constitute investment in any assets, and the token's price is not affected by real estate in any way.