Yield Upgrades

Yield upgrades increase your yield multiplier. Each new upgrade is additive to the baseline multiplier. For example:

Baseline multiplier: 5x

Hardwood Floors: +0.5

Landscaping: +0.5

Total Multiplier: 6x

In order to increase your yield multiplier, you must build Yield Upgrades:

Each yield upgrade will increase your existing multiplier when purchased.

Repair Costs and Yield Upgrades

Each yield upgrade will increase your repair costs based on the materials used for the upgrade. The repair cost is increased by 1 of the resource per 10% repaired. For example, if I purchase the Hardwood Floors upgrade, my repair cost will be 1 Lumber per 10% repaired (in addition to power costs). If I build the Kitchen Remodel upgrade, it will increase repair costs for Lumber, Brick, and Concrete by 1 per 10% repaired.

The Toolshed Upgrade will decrease repair costs for a given resource by 30%. More details on the toolshed can be seen in the Production Upgrades section.

Let's take a look at an example where a user owns Hardwood Floors, Kitchen Remodel, and Steel Siding. The user also has an active Concrete Toolshed and wants to repair 10%:

Hardwood Floors: +1 Lumber

Kitchen Remodel: +1 Lumber, +1 Brick, +1 Concrete

Steel Siding: +1 Steel

Concrete Toolshed: -0.5 Concrete

Total Resource Costs: 2 Lumber, 1 Brick, 0.7 Concrete, 1 Steel

In order to maintain the highest possible multiplier, be sure you have enough production to support your repair costs, as durability loss will have a negative impact on your yields.


Some yield upgrades have dependencies. Even if you own an upgrade, you will not benefit unless you possess the upgrade. For example, the Steel Siding upgrade requires a Concrete Fortification:

You will need a Concrete Fortification upgrade active in order to purchase Steel Siding. If you own the upgrade but your Fortification is expired, you will not benefit from the Steel Siding upgrade until you rebuild your fortification. This is the same for all upgrades that have a Fortification dependency.

Another example of a dependency is the Jacuzzi Tub:

This upgrade has a Bathroom Renovation dependency. Since the Bath Renovation doesn't expire, you will not have to worry about losing this upgrade.

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