🏘️How to invest in real estate with Landshare

Get started in a few short steps

Landshare enables seamless real estate investment on the blockchain through the Landshare RWA Token. Each RWA Token represents ownership of a pool of real estate assets.

As the properties increase in value and generate rental income, the value of RWA Tokens will increase accordingly. This means you can become a co-owner of real assets and earn returns by simply buying and holding!

The onboarding process is quick and easy. After completing these initial steps, you are free to buy or sell RWA Token at any time.

1. Sign up on the Landshare Dashboard and complete KYC

The first step to invest in Landshare RWA is completing the KYC process. This process ensures that your investment is associated to your identity, and so you never have to worry about loss of funds from a hack or compromise of your wallet.

Visit the dashboard and start by creating a new account:

After signing up, you will have access to the main dashboard page. Click on the "Start Verification" button. The KYC process will take about 3-5 minutes to complete:

Once you've completed the process, please wait for your identity verification to be processed. You will receive an email notifying you if your identity verification was successful.

2. Purchase RWA Tokens with LAND and USDC

Once your identity has been verified successfully, you will be able to purchase RWA Tokens on the RWA Portal in the Landshare App. The costs in USDC and LAND will populate based on the current offering price.

You can also make the purchase on the Tokenized Securities Dashboard.

You will need to ensure you have sufficient USDC and LAND in your wallet (BNB Chain) to make the purchase. LAND is available at Pancake Swap and Gate.io.

Once you have sufficient balance, press the submit button to confirm the purchase. You will need to approve multiple transactions, so make sure you do not refresh or exit the page!

3. Hold and earn

After successfully purchasing RWA Tokens, you now own a share of all Landshare's real estate assets. As the assets generate income and increase in value, your RWA Token's value will also increase accordingly.

When you're ready to sell your RWA Tokens to realize gains, you can do so via the "Sell" tab on the RWA Portal.

When selling, you will receive USDC equal to the current value of your RWA Tokens. A 1% LAND fee will also apply, so be sure you have adequate LAND in your wallet.

4. Enhance your investment with Landshare NFTs

Each RWA Token purchase from the portal provides Credits, which can be used to mint new real estate NFTs. Once you have an NFT, you can stake your RWA Tokens to earn additional rewards.

This is a great opportunity to enhance the income from your RWA investment! However, this feature is totally optional. You will still benefit from rental income, appreciation, and other value adding processes by simply holding.

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