Resources and Facilities

The fundamental progression mechanic in the NFT ecosystem is resource generation. There are 5 resources: power, lumber, brick, concrete, and steel. Each resource is produced from its own facility.

Building resources (lumber, brick, concrete, and steel) are used primarily for the following:

  • Upgrading production facilities to increase output and produce new resources

  • Building yield upgrades to increase LAND returns

  • Repairing your property

  • Building Production Upgrades which have various benefits

Power is the primary resource in the NFT ecosystem. It is used to perform all actions including building, upgrading, and harvesting.

Building resources must be harvested manually. Power is generated over time and does not need to be manually harvested.

Each facility has a level cap based on the number of NFT types held. Each new NFT series you have at least one of will increase your Level Cap on facilities by 5. For example, if you have a LSNF NFT, your level cap will be 5. If you have a LSNF and a LSMD NFT, your level cap will be 10. If you have two of the same NFT types, your level cap will not increase.

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