💸How to stake Landshare Token (LAND)

The Landshare Token (LAND) is the native utility token for the Landshare platform. LAND can be used to purchase RWA Tokens, vote in the DAO, buy NFTs, and much more.

LAND can also be staked to earn rewards in one of our 3 vaults. In this guide, we will cover how to buy, stake, and earn in a few simple steps!

1. Connect to BNB Smart Chain and add BNB

Landshare currently operates on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are unfamiliar with BSC, be sure to check out the guide below to add the BSC network to your Metamask wallet and add BNB to your wallet:

Other providers, such as Trust Wallet, will automatically have the BSC Network available as an option.

You may need to add the LAND Token to address to your wallet to ensure the balance displays properly. This can be achieved by pressing Import Token on Metamask or Add Tokens on Trust Wallet and pasting in the address below:

LAND Token Address: 0xA73164DB271931CF952cBaEfF9E8F5817b42fA5C

2. Purchase LAND

Once you are connected to BSC and have BNB in your wallet, you can purchase LAND Token on the PancakeSwap DEX by clicking here, or by using a Credit Card via the Swipelux widget.

You can also purchase LAND on Gate.io.

When purchasing LAND on Gate.io, you will have to withdraw the tokens from the exchange to your personal wallet to stake.

3. Stake LAND

Once you've purchased LAND and have it in your wallet, you can stake it on the Landshare App at app.landshare.io/vaults to earn additional rewards.

There are 3 staking vaults available:

  • Auto LAND Staking (Recommended): The Auto LAND vault will automatically re-stake your rewards, allowing you to benefit from compound interest automatically. This is the recommended option for the majority of users.

  • Manual LAND Staking: This option allows you to stake LAND and harvest your rewards manually. This option is recommended for active users and those staking large amounts.

  • LAND-BNB LP Staking: Landshare also offers LP Staking opportunities. To learn more about this opportunity, see our LP Staking guide here.

The process of staking is simple. Just enter the amount you'd like to deposit or press 100% if you'd like to deposit all tokens. Then press the "Approve" button.

Next, approve the first transaction. This transaction will set an allowance for the staking contract to deposit. To prevent having to approve allowance for each new deposit, you can select "Use Site Suggestion".

Finally, press the "Deposit" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

And that's it! You balance should display automatically, and you will begin earning rewards instantly.

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