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Asset Token Funds

A fund provides exposure to a number of assets with a single investment — spreading risk between multiple assets and simplifying the decision making process. Rather than buying a number of different coins individually, a fund represents the total value of all coins within the fund.
As the Landshare platform develops and a number of assets are tokenized, we intend to provide an asset token fund, providing exposure to a number of properties in a single investment. These funds will consist of bought back or unsold tokens held by the platform. The rental shares of all of these properties will be pooled and paid out to the investors of the fund.
Users can purchase a share of the asset fund represented by a token. The fund token’s value is collateralized by the Asset Tokens in the fund. The fund tokens can also be used as collateral in the loan feature of the Landshare platform. Fund Tokens, like Tokenized Assets, will be purchased with a combination of BUSD and LAND.