Landshare Platform Overview

Landshare brings real estate to the blockchain, enabling seamless investment in yield generating properties across the US. Each property in the ecosystem is managed on your behalf, and net cash flows are passed directly to RWA Token holders.

In this quickstart guide, we will cover the primary features and all of the ways to earn through the Landshare ecosystem. If you're not familar with concept of real estate tokenization, be sure to check out the page below.

🔍pageHow Real Estate Tokenization Works

Two tokens, multiple opportunities

The Landshare Platform offers 2 different tokens - the Landshare Token (LAND) and the RWA Token (LSRWA). Each Token plays a distinct role in the ecosystem.

LAND Token

The LAND Token is the platform governance and utility token, serving as a means of exchange, voting, payment, and access. It can be staked in any of our DeFi vaults to earn additional rewards. To learn how to purchase and stake LAND, please see the guide below:

💸pageHow to stake Landshare Token (LAND)

RWA Token

The Landshare RWA Token is the simplest way to invest in real estate on the blockchain! Each token represents ownership of real estate assets. By holding the RWA Token, you become a co-owner of the entire pool of Landshare RWAs and benefit from property appreciation, rental income, and other cash flows.

To get started, see the guide below:

🏘️pageHow to invest in real estate with Landshare

Landshare NFTs

Landshare NFTs are virtual 3D renders of the real-world properties offered from the Landshare RWA Token pool. By managing and upgrading your NFTs, you can earn additional rewards for staking your RWA Tokens. To learn more, see the quickstart guide below:

🏡pageLandshare NFT Quickstart Guide

Learn More

If you'd like to take a deep dive on Landshare including the RWA Token, NFTs, LAND Token utilities, and more, our docs and blogs are full of useful information.

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