Landshare Docs

What is the Landshare DAO?

Since the inception of Landshare, our goal has been to bring real estate and DeFi together. The next step is refocusing on the core principles of DeFi — decentralized governance, democratization of assets, and trustless operations. To this end, we are thrilled to introduce the Landshare DAO.
The Landshare DAO can be viewed as an expansion of our existing Governance Protocol — more powerful, more autonomous, and now central to the operation of the platform. The Landshare DAO is designed to give LAND Token holders control over the Landshare ecosystem with the LAND Token as a means of governance. With the transition to a DAO model, token holders will take control of a token fund and have administrative control over staking vaults and other platform features.
The greatest benefit of a DAO is that any user can make a proposed change at any time. It no longer requires a sole entity to create the proposal and oversee the implementation. When a user submits a proposal, and the community votes to pass the proposal, it will automatically be executed based on a trustless smart contract. In short, the Landshare DAO puts high-level decisions into the hands of LAND holders through a decentralized governance model.