Landshare Docs

LAND Token Utilities


The Landshare platform contains several staking opportunities that allow users to generate additional LAND rewards through our LAND Token Staking vault, LAND-BNB LP Farm, BUSD Vault, and NFT ecosystem.

LAND Token Staking Vault

The LAND Token Staking feature allows users to stake LAND tokens to earn LAND Token rewards. The feature is available in the Vaults section of the Landshare App where users can view information such as current APR. Users can stake either LAND standalone or in the LAND-BNB LP pair.


The LAND-BNB LP Farm (Liquidity Farm) allows users to supply liquidity to the LAND-BNB trading pair on PancakeSwap. By supplying liquidity through PancakeSwap users help boost the trading liquidity for all users and earn LAND rewards by doing so.

Auto LAND Staking Vault

The Auto LAND Staking Vault automatically compounds rewards accrued with no action required from the user.
The Auto LAND Vault has two separate fees:
  • 0.1% withdraw fee if tokens are withdrawn within 72 hours
  • 2% performance fee on each compound performed
There are no deposit fees for the Auto LAND Vault, and no withdraw fee if staked for longer than 72 hours. 1.75% of performance fees are burned, while 0.25% are rewarded to bounty claimers. Please note that performance fees are factored into the APY number displayed in the vault window.


The LAND Token is used as a payment method for present and future features on the platform. In other words, the Landshare Token is the primary currency to access products and services of the platform.
Asset Token purchases are paid 10% in LAND, adjusted dynamically for USD value. LAND Token used to purchase Asset Tokens are burned and removed from circulation.


The Landshare DAO controls staking vaults, marketing, and other high level decisions in the Landshare platform. Each LAND counts as one vote in the DAO.
By holding or staking LAND, you can vote on proposals, platform changes, and make your voice heard. Token holders can submit proposals to be voted on by the community for marketing events, feature requests, grants, fee mechanics, and more.

NFT Ecosystem

Upgrade your Real Estate NFT and take your property to the next level. Buy upgrades, hire handmen, and replenish resources using the Landshare Token. Buy or sell NFTs and premium upgrades using LAND in the NFT Marketplace. To learn more about the NFT ecosystem view our Introduction to NFTs section.

Loan Protocol

Landshare’s Asset Token Loan feature allows users to borrow BUSD by providing Asset Token collateral. BUSD loans accrue LAND interest over time which must be repaid before receiving the collateral back. All LAND interest accrued by the platform is burned.

Platform Fees

The Landshare Token is used as a fee mechanism for platform features. The Asset Token Loan Protocol incurs borrowing interest which must be paid in LAND. The Auto-Compounding feature converts rental BUSD to LAND in order to fund additional Asset Tokens for the investor. NFT marketplace transactions and premium NFT sales also incur fees on up to 5% of the transaction amount.

Future Support and Features

All additional features to the Landshare platform will require the Landshare Token to grant access, use as a payment method, or be required for collateral.