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Durability and Repairs

The durability of your property is part of the yield multiplier calculation. If you let your durability fall, it will decrease your yields for that period. For example, at 90% durability, yields are multiplied by 0.9 (10% reduction).
Durability decreases by 10% each day:
Day 1: 100%
Day 2: 90%
Day 3: 81%
Day 4: 72.9%
....and so on
Baseline repair cost is 1 power per % repaired. Resource costs are added to your repair costs based on the yield upgrades you possess. For more information on this, please see the Yield Upgrades section:
Repair costs can be reduced using the Toolshed upgrades. Daily durability loss can be reduced from 10% to 8% with the Concrete Foundation upgrades. Your durability can also go above 100%, introducing a positive multiplier on yields using the Fortification upgrades. Please see the Production Upgrades section for more information on these mechanics: