Custom Proposals

In addition to the preset proposals available on the Landshare App, anyone can create a custom proposal using Snapshot and the Safesnap plugin. Custom proposals can be created if none of the existing presets fit the criteria of your proposal. Please note, administrators reserve the right to delete custom proposals per the guidelines listed below.

Custom proposal guidelines

Custom proposals are designed to allow DAO members to create custom transactions not covered in the presets using the Safesnap protocol. Some examples of custom proposals could include:

  • Interacting with third party DeFi protocols

  • Adding liquidity

  • Interactions with staking contracts not covered in presets

  • Adding or removing Safe admins

Custom proposals can also be used to change Snapshot settings, including:

  • Voting strategies

  • Minimum LAND to create proposals

  • Minimum voting period length

  • Length of Arbitration period

Please note that custom proposals should not be used for feature requests, listing requests, or other actions that require non-DAO funds or resources. If your custom proposal requires funding or development resources, the it must include the means to obtain them in the proposal itself.

Creating a custom proposal

Custom proposal creation is an advanced feature. If you need assistance, please contact a member of the core team.

In order to create a custom proposal, visit the Landshare Snapshot page and create a new proposal using the Snapshot interface. After entering basic information such as the title, description, and vote run time, you will be prompted to create a new transaction. First, press the "Add transaction batch" button. From there, you can create your desired transaction using one of the options in the drop down below.

For contract interactions, you will need to provide an ABI, contract address, and input desired values in wei format. If the contract is already verified on BSC Scan, simply entering the address in the field should automatically populate the ABI and contract functions:

From here, you can select the contract function you'd like to execute, enter the function arguments, and press add transaction. Once you have added all desired transactions to the batch, press "Publish" to create the proposal.

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