Default Proposal Templates

The Landshare DAO comes with 6 default proposal templates. These templates can be accessed by visiting the DAO page and pressing the "Create" button:

Each of these proposals has a prebuilt Safesnap template and can be automatically executed after a successful vote. Below is a brief description of each preset.

Change Vault Allocation

This proposal allows you to change the allocation of daily LAND Tokens in the staking contract. Each number represents the daily distribution to the respective pools.

  • Unallocated: Unallocated tokens are not minted or paid out as rewards. Tokens should be routed to Unallocated if there is a desire to reduce rewards. For example, if you want to reduce LP staking rewards by 200 LAND / day, you can move 200 points from the LP pool to the unallocated pool.

  • LAND Staking: Tokens allocated to LAND Staking are distributed to those who stake LAND in both the Staking and Auto LAND pools.

  • LP Staking: Tokens allocated to LP Staking are distributed to those who stake Pancakeswap LAND-BNB LP Tokens.

Burn Tokens

The Burn Tokens proposal allows the DAO Treasury to send its own treasury funds to the burn address. Burnt tokens are removed from circulation, but still count against total supply. Thus, any tokens burnt through this proposal effectively reduce the total supply cap of LAND.

Change Auto LAND Fee

This proposal allows the DAO to change the Auto LAND performance fee to any number between 1% and 5%. The fee triggers on each compounding event and applies to the newly compounded tokens. This proposal does not change the bounty fee or the early withdrawal fee. Fees from the Auto LAND Vault are sent to the DAO treasury.

Add to Marketing Fund

This proposal allows the DAO to send funds from its own treasury to the marketing bounty wallet. Funds in the marketing bounty can be used for any present or future marketing bounties, and the bounty wallet must be funded in order for bounties to run. While this proposal allocates funds to the bounty program, it is not used to create or fund specific bounties. Instead, users should use the "Create Bounty" proposal to create and fund specific bounties.

Create Bounty

This proposal should be used to create specific marketing bounties. The author should outline the task(s) to be completed and how the rewards are to be distributed. Please note, if the marketing wallet does not have enough funds to run the bounty as described, the proposal will be deleted. If there is insufficient marketing wallet funding, please create a Fund Bounty proposal to send funds to the marketing wallet before creating the bounty.

Request Grant

The Request Grant proposal allows content creators, developers, or any other community member to request compensation for a given task. For example, a Youtuber could request compensation for creating a video, or a developer could request payment for creating a new feature. Grant requests can also be made by admins to fund partnerships or other collaborations. If the grant is approved, the funds will be sent to an escrow and cleared once the task outlined has been completed.

Custom Proposals

Any user can create a custom proposal not outlined in the presets. For more information, please see the Custom Proposals page.

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