Treasury Grants

Treasury grants are specific requests for funds from the Landshare DAO Treasury. Anyone can request funds for any purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Creating content, including videos, Tweets, or articles

  • Third party partnerships, such LP Farms

  • Developing features or updates to the platform

If you are a content creator, developer, or marketer and would like to contribute to the Landshare ecosystem, requesting a treasury grant is a great way to get started.

Creating a grant request

In order to create a grant request, you must use the Request Grant proposal preset in the Landshare DAO page.

To create any new proposal on the Landshare DAO, you must hold at least 100 LAND Tokens.

Step One:

Visit the DAO page, connect your wallet, and select the "Create" button. In the pop up window, select "Request Grant" from the dropdown menu:

Step Two:

Enter the amount of tokens you would like to request for your grant, and press next. The amount of tokens cannot exceed the total balance of the treasury.

Step Three:

The final step is to create the title and description for your request. This is the information that voters will see when voting on the grant request proposal.

The proposal title should contain a quick summary that includes the amount of LAND for the grant, and he reason for the grant (i.e., create a video about Landshare). The description can include whatever you'd like, but in general should include a detailed outline of what you intend to do, links to your profiles and previous work. For example:


Create video review of the Landshare platform for 300 LAND


Hello, I am [channel name], a crypto-focused Youtuber with [#] subscribers. You can find my channel here: [channel link].

I'd like to create a video review of the Landshare platform, highlighting the unique features and benefits to my audience. In exchange, I am requesting a 300 LAND grant from the treasury.

Voting Process

Once your grant request is submitted, LAND holders will vote to approve or reject the request. The voting process generally lasts 6 days, followed by a 5 day arbitration period. If the proposal is approved and completed, the funds will be sent to an escrow. The escrow funds will be sent to the requester once the outlined job has been completed.

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