Secondary Trading Limits

To protect our liquidity pool and investors, we've enabled a secondary transfer limit of 500 LSRWA Tokens by default. This limit applies to any outbound transfer of LSRWA Tokens including depositing in the NFT ecosystem, selling into fixed price liquidity, or trading on DS Swap.

If you plan on performing any of these actions, we highly recommend requesting a limit increase on the dashboard. Also note, if you've previously transferred LSRWA Tokens, these transactions will count toward your limit. In this case, you will need to request an increase before using DS Swap.

If you do NOT plan to transfer LSRWA Tokens in the near future, we recommend leaving the limit as is or requesting a reduction to 0. Tokens sold into the DS Swap Pool cannot be recovered!

How to check your secondary limit

To view your secondary trading limit, you can simply go to the DS Swap page and include LSRWA in your swap. The UI will display your remaining limit. You will not be able to make swaps for amounts larger than this limit.

How to request a limit change

  1. Login to Dashboard using your credentials.

2. Click on the dropdown menu next to your name located in the top right-hand corner.

3. In the dropdown menu locate Settings. From there, find and select Limits.

4. You will be directed to a page displaying your current limit details, including primary and secondary limits.

5. Determine which limit you want to increase based on your needs. In this case, letโ€™s say you want to increase the secondary trading limit. Click on the โ€œIncrease My Limitโ€ button next to the secondary trading limit section.

6. Enter the new secondary limit desired. We recommend entering a limit that suits your expected transfer volume. Amounts over 50,000 will require additional information, such as proof of funds. In this case, please reach out to a team member for further guidance.

7. Submit your request for a limit increase and wait for Approval. Your request will be processed by the Landshare team.

8. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation through the dashboard or via email.

9. Upon approval, your limit will be increased accordingly, allowing you to engage in transactions within the new limit.

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