🏡Landshare NFT Quickstart Guide

Get started in a few simple steps

Landshare Real Estate NFTs are stylized 3D NFT models of the real-world properties sold on the platform. The NFTs are used to multiply the yields of the RWA Token by granting additional LAND Token rewards.

1. Buy RWA Tokens and get NFT Credits

The first step to obtaining an NFT is buying RWA Tokens. Not only do they provide NFT Credits used to mint new NFTs, but they also must be staked to earn rewards from your NFT's yield multiplier. To get RWA Tokens, visit app.landshare.io/rwa or follow the guide below:

🏘️pageHow to invest in real estate with Landshare

After buying RWA Tokens, you will receive NFT Credits. Each RWA Token purchase grants 1 single NFT Credit.

2. Minting your NFT

With NFT Credits in hand, visit the mint page at app.landshare.io/nft/mint. The more NFT Credits you load into your NFT, the more LAND you can harvest from your NFT. For every 4 NFT credits spent, your NFT will have 1 harvestable LAND.

At the minting page, enter the amount of NFT Credits you'd like to spend. The harvestable LAND amount will populate automatically. The minimum amount to mint a new NFT is 400 credits.

If your NFT costs at least 2000 Credits, it will be a rare NFT with a unique image and higher baseline multiplier.

Next, press the mint button and sign the transaction to mint your new NFT.

Each NFT has a limited amount of LAND rewards that can be harvested. You can increase the number of harvestable rewards by spending NFT Credits on either a new or existing NFT.

3. Staking RWA Tokens

Each real estate NFT acts as a yield multiplier for your staked RWA Tokens. The more RWA Tokens you stake, the more rewards you can earn!

On the NFT overview page, you can select the MAX option to populate your full RWA Token balance.

Next, press Deposit and confirm the transactions to complete the process.

4. Upgrading your NFT

To maximize your rewards, it is vital to upgrade your NFT property and increase your yield multiplier. To learn more, check out the pages below:

pageStaking & Yield MultiplierpageYield Upgrades

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